Sunday, 11 October 2015


I thought this would be a great time to start up the blessing posts again, what with Thanksgiving coming up! :D Some of them come from way back at the beginning of summer. . . .

Blessing (aka something I'm thankful for)

#65: Beautiful summer weather!

#66: End of school

#67: Reading friends' blog! (Really, you all have some pretty awesome blogs!!!)

#68: Mail. And by mail I mean letters. There's something special about receiving letters, and writing back too! Emails are great and a fast way to communicate, but with letters, you have to wait and anticipate its coming! Not to mention that letters are delightfully more "wordy" than emails :D

#69: The sound of children playing

#70: The swimming pool!!

#71: All those dee-lightful comments left by friends and fellow bloggers! Honestly, those comments make my day! :D

#72: Great, thick, juicy books

#73: Music! What would we do if there was no such thing as music?

#74: Flowers, part of God's beautiful creation

(and now I'm going to take a few blessings from my old blessings book from when I read 1000 Gifts, by Ann Voskamp)

#75: Round, fresh brown eggs

#76: Rest after a busy day

#77: A country home

#78: Pretty tissue boxes :)

#79: The Bible!

#80: The almost magical moment when a couple is joined into one

#81: Thrift stores 

#82: Beautiful golden red sunsets

#83: Baking

#84: Mom's new fancy-dancy dining plan :) 

#85: Droplets of water on grass

#86: Butterflies

#87: Family!! 

I'll stop there for now :) Actually sitting down and counting my blessings leaves me amazed at the goodness of God and His endless love! He truly is a great God!

What are you thankful for? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday! :) 


  1. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed it :). The pictures are so beautiful, I really liked #85!

  2. Thank you, Shai! Glad you liked it! :) Thanks for commenting! #blessing71 ;)

  3. I second several, okay can I say all?, of these blessings. And I really agree with #71 & #72. :)

    1. you like big juicy books and comments too! :D

      Thanks for commenting! :)


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