Sunday, 4 October 2015

Michigan Trip Day 1

We went to Michigan! (okay, so this post is about a month late. . . but better late than never right? :)) Our main reason was because Tiger Lily and I had a biology intensive (lab) to attend, and since it was along the way we ended up going to the Henry Ford Museum and Bronner's Christmas Store. 

The first day we went to Greenfield, a little village that was part of the Henry Ford Museum. (While Tiger Lily and I were at the lab, the rest of the family went to the museum again and went through the inside. So the boys got to see all the cars and stuff)

One of the many intricate chandeliers inside the hallway of the museum. Aren't they absolutely beautiful?

The village was amazing. It was a working farm, 'pioneers', horses, cows, sheep, gardens. . .

and even a steam train!!! It was so amazing when we realized that not only was the train actually moving, we were allowed to ride on it too! It was funny actually. After we went through the gate, we were looking around wondering where to go first and then our ears nearly got blown off by this piercing whistle. Turning around, we saw this big black train steaming toward us. So cool!!

We were able to go into a couple of the farmhouses. In one house, all the rooms were open to the public. So I snapped as many photos as I could ;)

*squeal* There was even a cellar under the house. SO NEAT!!! (just in case you didn't know, I'm a lover of old-fashioned stuff, especially Little House on the Prairie type stuff. Mom sometimes says that I try living in the 1800's even though I'm in the 21st century :P)

There was this wooden rack half-filled with corn. Little birds were eating it. . . as well as mice. 

At the tin shop, we saw a mini stove there. It definitely reminds me
of LHOTP! It may not look it in the picture, but it was
only about 3 feet tall. Darling little stove!!

Ducks!! Lots and lots of ducks. And very bold ones too. Not at all afraid of humans! They came right up to us, even though we didn't have any food for them. (okay, well, we weren't planning on giving them any food, but who can resist a duck? We gave them some of our goldfish :P) Of course, I took pictures of them. Since I was crouching on the ground, the ducks thought I had food for them, which I didn't, but yeah, you could say I was completely surrounded by ducks for awhile. (by the way, it's very hard to take pictures of them, especially when they keep waddling around and around and around you and they won't. stay. still. ! :))

On the train. I'm so glad there was a bend in the road. :)

Oh! And one of the girls' favourite houses was that charming little English cottage! Mom absolutely loved it! She said that it was a lot like the Bennet's house (1995 Pride&Prejudice)

I could just imagine sitting here and reading a book. *sigh*

Carousel! There weren't a lot of people there, so we went quite a lot of times. Well,
some of us went a lot of times. The two older boys and I went at least 4 times,
Snow White and Dare Devil went twice, and Tiger Lily went once (she got dizzy after the first ride) 

Tiger Lily, Dad, the three older boys, and Snow White also went on the old-fashioned car rides. I passed, but since I did, I was able to go to a milliner's shop with Mom and Toblerone. It was so neat! There were hats there that were close to the ones that I'd imagined Laura and her sisters wearing. But this was real. . . it was so amazing. . . I think it would be so amazing to live in a village like that!
This hat was my absolute favourite. Isn't it pretty? 

Do you like old-fashioned things? 
Would you like to work in Greenfield? 
What was your favourite part of this post? 

I hope you all have a great week! :)


  1. Yes! And Yes! :) That looks like so much fun! I delight in old-fashioned things and I would love to go to Greenfield. I loved all the photos in the post. Everything looked like so much fun! I love trains and hats, so those might be my favorite parts. :)

    1. Thank you for commenting, Rebekah! :) I'm glad you liked the photos ;) And I had an idea that you liked old-fashioned stuff too :D


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