Friday, 30 October 2015

Day #230 - #244

Friday, October 16: Family Picture. . . again ;) 

Saturday, October 17: Behind-the-Scenes for the Music Video

Sunday, October 18: Say Cheese!! 

Monday, October 19: Canadian Gal 

Tuesday, October 20: Our Darling Little Puppy
See, we usually don't get such nice photos of Maple because she's camera shy.
Is it possible for dogs to be camera shy? I don't know, but it certainly seems like she
is camera shy! She probably didn't know what Tiger Lily was holding, so she was able to take a very nice photo of her ;)
Wednesday, October 21: Toblerone! 

Thursday, October 22: Ginger Snaps
Found the recipe on the Bate Family's blog. You can check it out here: Ginger Snaps
They are sooo good! :D 
Friday, October 23: Sunset 

Saturday, October 24: What happens when you plan to shoot a music video and then find out you can't because it starts raining and rains for the rest of the day and then you get bored so you decide to do a photo-shoot with your friend?  

This:                                                                                                                                      :D

Sunday, October 25: Another Behind the Scenes

Monday, October 26: The Moon
The picture didn't turn out as well as I would have liked :(
And because of all the trees, I got this peculiar X on the moon :P 
Tuesday, October 27: Cake Anyone?

Tiger Lily and I were so proud! We were finally able to master the crumb-coat/final frosting
thing on the cake. Which means we didn't get any crumbs on the final layer of the cake. Yay! :D
Wednesday, October 28: Wet Chickens . . . . can you tell? :P 

It was really windy that day, and as Dad said "we got a month's worth of rain in one day".
So yeah, it was really wet outside. But because of the wind, the tarp flew off the chickens coop
and they got drenched. So I got Mom's permission to bring them inside so they could dry off.
 I ended up having to towel-dry them so that they'd dry faster, and as soon as they were dry
we brought them back outside. And secured the tarp very well! 

Thursday, October 29: Snowflake
Rebekah Morris was asking for some snowflakes for her new book, Through the Tunnel so here's one of the snowflakes we made :)
Drawn by Ironman. And the structure was made up entirely by himself! :) 
Friday, October 30: My Favourite Shakespeare Play


  1. That cake looks amazing! And so do those gingersnaps. (Maybe it's partly because I'm hungry. :) )

  2. I love all the family pictures! :-)
    Oooo, I like those Canada jackets. I have a sweatshirt that's really similar! ;D

    That cake looks scrumptious!! Congrats, girls!


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