Thursday, 24 March 2016


Hello all! Goodness, I haven't posted in awhile! :) But I'm finally on March Break! Or Easter break.  The thing about taking online courses from the US? Our March break ends up being a week after Canada's March break ;) Strange enough, it's still pretty busy here. Cleaning up the house, taking care of the younger ones, and well, some other stuff that I'm hoping to be able to tell you all soon! :D It's pretty exciting! 

Last week, I did a flower dissection, using a carnation that a very nice lady from our town village gave to me for that purpose. That's what I really like about our little village. Everyone is sooo friendly! :) 

On one of my less busy days, I got to play with Toblerone and DareDevil, and "a little play time" ended up lasting for pretty much the whole morning :P What can I say? They were eager to show me their somersaults and even how many stairs they could jump down from. But we had to stop that after  DareDevil jumped down 4 stairs all at once and Toblerone was determined to not be outdone. Friendly brotherly competition, but just the same, I'm not exactly looking forward to broken limbs ;)

Instead, I got some of our old flannel blankets and Toblerone reluctantly submitted himself to be "dressed up". It was hilarious. There was nothing to tie the blankets on with, so I just wrapped them really tightly around him. He couldn't walk, but he could waddle. Almost the way a minion or Ewok would walk :P

The "blanket dress" lasted for about 5 minutes. Then it got used as a swing!

Oh yes. A little while ago, Tiger Lily and I went out to check the pond and see if there was still ice on it. Our mini waterfall was running! There are stones in it that almost form a staircase and then you just climb up with water running over and under your boots. It's so much fun!! 

Soooo....there was ice on the pond. Actually, pretty much the whole pond was covered in a thick layer of ice. Which I found surprising since it had been so warm. But since the ice was so thick, Tiger Lily ventured out, determined to get to the other side. I followed her for awhile, but I was very nervous about it, probably because of last year. You see, last year when we had gone to the pond, we had found big ice chunks in it, big enough to try floating on. And yeah, Tiger Lily and I tried floating on them. But there was one time when I had tried to get farther out into the pond, and then the ice all of a sudden slipped under my feet and my foot splashed into the water. Thankfully, there was a log half submerged under the water, so I was able to walk on that back to the bank. But my boot was absolutely full of freezing cold water and I had to pour it out. It was funny, but pretty miserable walking back home. All that squishing :/ Anyway, this time I was being super cautious, so after I had gotten about 3/4 of the way across the pond, I decided to turn back, just in case. Tiger Lily....well, she still wanted to reach the other side, so she went on. I had just reached the bank when I heard her scream and turned around and saw her standing knee deep in water. Both feet in the water. It was just too funny! And she had been the one to warn me not to fall in again :P 
Yep, the adventures that we have! :D 
So yeah, just a few things that's happened in the past couple of weeks! 
How has your week been? Busy, fun, exciting, "ordinary"? :D 


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Blessing Counter! It looks like you've had a ton of fun on all your adventures with your siblings :)! I love your mini waterfall! I've always wanted to have a stream running through my backyard :). Water is so pretty! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Shai! Glad you liked it! :)

      Haha, yes, streams are fun to have :D Sad part is that it dries up in the summer. Only runs in the spring after the ice melts ;)

  2. Now there are three daredevils in your family! Hee hee!
    GG John

  3. Oh, the things you can do with little ones. :)
    Now that pond/waterfall sounds like the kind of adventure I would do. :) I mean after all, I went sledding down an icy hill with two friends and we all ended up in the half frozen creek that was at the bottom. Let me just say, it was cold and we were wet! :)

    1. Wow! Sounds like fun! Did you do that recently or awhile ago? I can imagine that made a very funny memory! :D

  4. Oh, that carnation is so pretty!! :) We dissected flowers once in a homeschool botany co-op. ;)
    Awww! Toberlone is so cute wrapped up like a mummie! :P Haha, the 'blanket swing' looks like fun! We did something similar on a mission trip I went on last year. This boy that was about my age and I were doing games with some kids, and we did that. We carried them all over the church, and I was convinced I would never be the same again!! ;)
    Oh, that's so funny about you and Tiger Lily!! ;) Been there, done that. ;P

    1. Haha, how big was the church? ;) And how big were the kids? :D

    2. The church was super small (Think like the church/school from LHOTP.) and didn't have running water. ;) Most of the kids were 5-9 but one boy was about 12... We managed. :P


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