Wednesday, 2 March 2016

At The Ski Lodge...

Random things that happened at the ski lodge today:

- listening to the radio and hearing a man say "It's so cold that when you step outside it freezes your nostrils!" 

- stopping to adjust my scarf, just realizing that the song playing on the loud speakers is Hello and then finding out that I wasn't the only one to find that out. A very little boy no older than DareDevil starts belting out "HELLOOOOOO FROM THE OTHER SIDE!!!" (I had to Google the lyrics because I didn't know if the words were other side or outside. I've only heard this song once during vocal class :P) 

- gliding through soft, fluffy powder snow and thanking God for the beautiful weather! 

- sitting in the cafeteria and trying to thaw out while watching a little dark-haired girl maybe about one and a half years old following her mother who's talking on the phone. And trying not to laugh when the girl puts her hand on her ear and squeaks "Haylo?" "Haylo?" "Haylo?" 

- sipping piping hot chocolate and munching on an apple turnover (mmm....SO good! :) 

- watching DareDevil go over a jump that, mini though it is, I absolutely refuse to try. And then listening to him ask "Am I almost as better as you yet?" :P (I think he means good, not better, but he hasn't figured that stuff out quite yet ;)

- moving forward to help DareDevil onto the chairlift and hearing the operator ask him "How ya doin', young man?" Then "And how are you, Mom?" And realizing with shock that he's addressing me :P 

- cringing as a skier slips on a steep hill, rolls, and goes down in a cloud of snow. Ouch. 

 - seeing a bright pink sign on the girls' bathroom door that says "Out of order for 10 minutes. Male cleaners inside". And according to Tiger Lily, there had been a sign on the boys' bathroom that said "Out of order of 10 minutes. Female cleaners inside"!! XD 

- glad that I brought my computer so that the Willis Clan could drown out the music-that-I'd-rather-not-hear in the cafeteria 

- going up a "new" chairlift (aka one that I hadn't gone on before but DareDevil and Dad had) and staring with utter horror at the very steep hill in front of me. The conversation while we were riding over that hill: 
DareDevil: "I went down that one and it's really fun! 
Me: looks pretty scary!
DareDevil: Oh, it's not scary at all! 
Me: Yeah...okay 
When we got off the chairlift, I let him be the leader since I didn't really know any of the hills and he had already gone on all of them. He led me around a couple of curves until we came to a "crossroads", or where the hills split off into different tracks. He looked around, then said "Let's take an easy one first since you're not quite used to it yet." XD Isn't he a good brother? ;) 

- laughing when Tiger Lily peels off her scarf and finds that the part of the scarf over her mouth had frozen completely stiff

- taking out my contact lenses and being very much aware of the (horrified) faces that Tiger Lily was making at me (she still can't get over the fact that I'm picking something out of my eye :P) 


  1. Wow, it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! I've never been skiing before, but if we ever make it to Colorado or any of those colder, mountainous states during the winter, I'd love to learn how! It sounds like so much fun!
    The one about the guy thinking you were DareDevil's mom made me laugh! I get called "mom" all this time when I have a younger sibling with me anywhere! I've gotten to the point where I just nod and don't say anything. It can get too confusing, and hey, my sibling and I know who we really are! ;P

    1. Oh, yes, you should totally try skiing! It is SO much fun! :D

      Haha, you get that too, huh? It's weird enough being thought of as a mother to one younger sibling, but it gets worse when someone thinks you're the mother of all 6 of them and says to you "Wow, you look so young to have so many!" :P

    2. Yes!! :D Faith and Sarah are old enough they don't really look like kids, but if I'm with the other five I get that. But normally if they say THAT, then I'll pause and explain.
      I seriously I thought I was one of the only people who this happened to! It's so fun to know I'm "not alone". :P

    3. Haha, yes an explanation would be good! :D

      I know, right?! I used to think that I was one of the only people that THAT happened to, too! :P

  2. Such a fun post! I'm with Jesseca, I would love to learn how to ski!

    Since I'm the youngest in my family, I've never been mistaken for any siblings mother, but it happens quite regularly when I have any little ones with me at a conference or some other place. :) Once I had three or four different kids from different families and was asked if they looked like my husband. (I should have said, "I don't know, I still haven't met my husband.") ;)

    1. Wow! Did the kids look anything alike? Haha, yeah, you should have said that! The look on the person's face would probably be hilarious! :P

    2. I think they were mostly all blond so they could have passed for siblings. :)

  3. It sounds like you guys had a fun time at the ski lodge. I have never been skiing before, but it looks like it might be fun. :)
    That was so funny that the one guy thought that you were the mom! :) Just the opposite of what happened to you always happens to me! Everyone thinks that I am younger than I really am. Most everyone says I look like I'm 13. The other day my mom and younger brother who is almost 16 were talking to somebody. I came up and joined them and the lady asked me, "How old are you?" I told her that I was 19. The lady then looks at my brother than back to me and says, "You mean you're older?" So yeah, I get that all the time. :)

    1. Skiing is SO much fun, Rebekah! You should totally try it! :)

      Oh my, really? Do you like having people think you're younger or would you prefer being mistaken as older? I'm not sure what I would prefer. There was once a man who thought I was 25. That's almost 10 years older than what I really am! It makes me scared to think of how old people might think I am when I AM older. If I was 25 and people thought I was 40, boy that would be just WEIRD! :P

    2. Yes, it happens all the time, so I've kind of gotten used to it. ;)
      I'll be happy when I'm older but everyone thinks I'm younger, but right now it would be nice if I looked a little more my age. :)

    3. Rebekah, perhaps it's the name. I have that happen all the time! Most people guess I'm 16-20 when I'm actually 32. You get used to it though. :)

  4. Aww, I enjoyed reading this post SOO much!! :) Thanks for sharing from your life, Blessing! I love posts like this. :)
    Oh my goodness!! That's so funny that the lift operator called you 'mom'! :D My only sibling is just 3 years younger than me, so I've never gotten that. ;) But people have mistaken Tucker and I for twins before. ;) He is big for his age (and he's now taller than me...) but I would like to think I act more mature than he does sometimes.... xD

    Aww, that's so sweet! :)

    1. Thanks, Faith! Glad you enjoyed it :D

  5. Skiing looks like a ton of fun!!

    Haha I can relate to the "contact story". I have contacts and my siblings are always think its disgusting that I touch my eye to take them out!! :P

    1. Yep! Funny thing is, I used to think it was disgusting too! Until I started using them myself ;P


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