Monday, 6 October 2014

Visit to the Warplane Museum

We went to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. It was great! I think the most interesting thing (for me) was a book that had all the names of pilots that had died in action during WWII. I felt a little sad reading those names as well as the age that the men had died. Quite a lot of the pilots were more like boys than they were men. I only went through a few pages, but the youngest pilot that I found was 17 years of age!

The boys really enjoyed it, especially sitting in the planes!

Father & Son

Spiderman beside a VERY big plane!
This plane was the Avro Lancaster Bomber, which
returned from England last Sunday.

This makes flying look really complicated!
Tiger Lily and me in one of the planes
There was a kid's place and Double Trouble loved it!
There were little handcrafted airplanes that he could ride!
He had a lot of fun!

Take Off!

Dad and Cinderella in a (pretend) flight simulator
These were funny!

I think Spiderman was the funniest!

Standing in front of the


  1. Wow! That looks like something I would love to visit! Where is it? I love history!

  2. The museum is in Hamilton, Ontario. It's really cool!


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