Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blessings + Blessings

Hello! Here are more blessings/gifts!

October 3
 Blessing #9: Homeschool! It gives us the freedom to
study almost anywhere....
Including the trampoline!
October 4
Blessing #10: Another part of God's creation; a toad.
I was very fascinated with this particular animal and I took
lot of pictures! Maybe I'll post about that next time.

October 5
Blessing #11:  A Country Scene


  1. Whenever I see pictures of toads I'm reminded of a time when I was about 2. We lived on a turkey farm for a few months and the only thing I remember is collecting toads in a bucket. I'd leave them in there sitting in the sun and when I returned, they'd all be dead. So, I'd go find some more. (So don't leave toads in buckets in the sun.) :)


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