Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fun With Leaves!

Hello! Here are a some photos that I took on Thursday. Hope you like them!

Maple in a pile of leaves
She wouldn't lie down and she wouldn't let me cover up her head.
I think she got kinda annoyed after awhile :)
The boys raked up a HUGE pile of leaves.
I guess that's the result of having a big backyard
plus not raking at all this fall!
They made a really neat fort out of it.
Spiderman trying to swim and Ironman getting
ready to dive into the pile!


  1. I LOVE huge piles of leaves! We have a large yard too and lots of trees. Almost every year a HUGE pile gets raked before our large swing so kids can jump off the swing into the pile. They love it! :) The fort looks like lots of fun!

  2. man, that a lot of leaves!! that looks so fun.......


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