Monday, 30 November 2015

Lucy Maud Montgomery Week // The Tag

Today is Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthday!! And to celebrate this amazingly talented author, Eva from Coffee, Classics, and Craziness is doing a fun LMM week! 
You should go check it out! Here's the link: Lucy Maud Montgomery Week: Intro + the Tag!

And before I answer Eva's questions, here are a couple screenshots taken from Google, which/who (?) is also celebrating Lucy Maud Montgomery's birthday! :) 

Different scenes in front of Green Gables. 
Kindred Spirits

Anne makes a cake with Liniment instead of Vanilla

Alrighty now! Here are my answers to Eva's questions:

How did you first discover LMM’s books?
The first time I ever discovered anything LMM, was watching Anne of Green Gables. That is seriously an amazing movie, one of my favourites!! I was only four or five at the time, so all I really remembered of the movie was a girl with fiery red hair that cracked a slate on a boy's head, made her friend drunk, and like puffed sleeves. As I got older, I started to understand it a whole lot more and that made it even more enjoyable. Of course, once I found out the movie was based on a series of books, I had to read it! :) 

What’s your favourite LMM book? 
(changing all the favorites to favourites because my auto-correct spelling underlines anything that isn't spelled "correctly" with a dotted red line that really annoys me sometimes. Too much red underlining reminds me of tests (specifically math ones) that have 90% wrong answers ;) ) 

Favourite LMM books (apologies, can't keep it to one book!) are Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Rilla of Ingleside, Rainbow Valley, and Emily of New Moon. 

What’s your least favourite LMM book?
Anne of Windy Poplars. Not much to say about it. :) 

Who is your favourite character in allllll of LMM’s works?
What?? Hooww can you ask such a question?? That's, that's....oh dear! I like Anne, and Gilbert, and Walter, and Leslie, and Captain Jim, and oh! you can't forget Diana. . . . I'm going to finish the rest of the tag first and mull over this. 
Okay, I choose Anne. There was a big fight between Gilbert, Walter, and Anne, but I'll go with Anne. I've known and loved her the longest, so she has the right to be my favourite character :) 

What couple is your favourite?
Anne and Gilbert! They're my favourite by far! :) 

What is your favourite quote from LMM (either a quote from one of her books, or from her personal life)?
Anne of Green Gables“Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it.” 

How many LMM books have you read?
Oh goodness, I have no idea! Let's just say lots, 'kay? ;) 

Which LMM book would you most like to see made into a movie?
Rilla of Ingleside!!! Of course! It would be so lovely to watch. BUT, if this makes sense, it needs the right people to make it. Nowadays, "they" are making such grotesque movies it's near impossible for me to watch. Actually, my friend and I were just talking about it yesterday at church! It would be such a disappointment if they did make a movie out of Rilla of Ingleside and it ended up being. . . horrible. That would be worse than if they hadn't made a movie at all! 

Have you found a kindred spirit?
Yes, I have! It's fun how we understand each other almost perfectly and share secrets together. Whispering and talking under cover of night when we should be sleeping, giggling over anything under the sun. . . in case you haven't figured it out yet, my kindred spirit is none other than my sister, Tiger Lily! :D  ;) We've done a lot of things together....lots! For example (and I won't go off topic because it's actually Anne of Green Gables related! :) One thing that we both liked to do when we were much younger (oh yes, we're ancient now and would never do such a thing anymore :P) was play Anne and Diana during their little party. And the raspberry cordial. Have you ever heard of Ribena? If you haven't, it's kind of like a blackcurrent concentrate/cordial (you wouldn't believe how excited Tiger Lily and I were when we discovered that the bottle had a little label that read "cordial" on it!)  that you add water to to dilute it some. Anyway, it looked a lot like the raspberry cordial Anne served we would take turns pretending we were Anne or Diana. Pouring cup after cup after cup of cordial (I love the word just rolls of your tongue :) And of course, we used clear glasses. It would have completely spoiled it if we used a regular mug! :) We drank way too much Ribena by the way ;)  Ohh...those were the golden days ;) 

But yeah! That was a little scene from waaay back when ;) I'd love to tell you all about the time we sprayed Strawberry Shortcake foam all over the bathroom, or the times we had Indian pow-wows at night. . . but I think this answer is long enough. Don't you think? And it would be completely off topic too! ;) Which reminds me, I should go finish that question about my favourite character. . . 

Thanks for putting together such a fun tag, Eva! and everyone else, you really should go check out her blog! Join in the fun! :) 


  1. Thanks for doing the tag! It was tons of fun reading your answers. :)

    And that's a great LMM quote I'd forgotten all about. LOVE it. <3


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