Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Awesome Food Award // Answer Roundup

Sooo.....I got this really fun and great idea from Naomi during her Jane Austen Week. Basically, she went through all the tags that people had done (in this case, it's going to be all the lovely people I nominated :) and then put up her favourite answers to the questions. So yeah, that's what I'm going to do right now ;)

First of all, here are all the people who did the tag either on their blog or in the comments box*:

Tiffany C. *
Tiger Lily*

If you've done the post and you don't see your name up here, just let me know and I'll pop it on ;) But let me just say, thank you to everyone who did do it! I had a lot of fun reading your answers, and lots of laughs involved here! 

1. Chocolate or vanilla?
Okay, so here, it was kinda hard because the answer is either chocolate or vanilla. So I'll just tell you the ratio between chocolate and vanilla. 
Faith P.
Tiffany C.
Tiger Lily (possibly, her answer is somewhat vague... :P)

Olivia N. 
Emily McConnell
Shai Ireland
Victoria N. 

Soooo...the ratio here is 4:3, with the vanilla's one point ahead of the chocolate! (to be honest, I thought the chocolate was going to win! :) 
2. Favourite dessert? 

I had this really amazing cake this year… It was a lemon cake with ice cream(vanilla I think) and raspberry sauce on top. It was sooo delicious. (Olivia N.)

 Cheesecake! Chocolate cheesecake if that's a possibility, but cherry is great too. :) I also believe  boiled cookies are to die for. (That's what we call them. I think there real name is no-bake cookies or something.) (Faith P.)

3. Imagine that it's freezing cold, there's lots of snow, and you just came in from playing outside. Would you prefer to drink hot chocolate or coffee?
This is kind of like the first question, but I'll put the ratio and a couple of answers here :) 
Ratio. . . 1:6!!! Aww...Faith, looks like we're the only coffee lovers here right now! ;) Oh well, actually, Shai did say that she likes coffee too.... :) 

Hot chocolate! Although I do like drinking coffee to wake me up, you just can't beat coco and tons of marshmallows! (Shai Ireland)

Hot chocolate, because coffee makes me sleepy. ;) (Emily McConnell)

4. Favourite pie/cake?
Pecan Pie. Yumm!!! (Victoria N.)

For pie, I would say apple, for cake, I think I would pick chocolate of some kind. (Tiger Lily)

5. What is a dessert that you love making/is the easiest thing you can make?
Cookies are easiest. (Tiffany C.)

Jello! It is sooo easy to make and comes in so many different colors!!!! (Shai Ireland)

6. What is a meal that you love making/is the easiest thing you can make?
My famous Yak Burger Quiche! Sooo good. It’s very simple to make, too. The quiche I make doesn’t take very long. I use several different types of meat- from pork to ham to chicken to bacon- but I like using yak the most. :) (Emily McConnell)

 Spagetti, salad, and garlic toast is the simplest thing I can think of and I love it! :) (Faith P. )

7. Is there a food that you hope that you'll never have to eat in your life time?
I'm going to put all of your answers here because honestly I can not choose which ones are my absolute favourite. They are all soooo funny!! :) 

Raw fish, raw meat or an undercooked egg... I think you all can see a theme here :). (Shai Ireland)

Don’t ever make me eat sushi, please! ;) (Emily McConnell)

Yes It's Lentil Dull. Gross! (Victoria N. )

Last Saturday I had blue cheese crumbles for the first time in my life and found it to be disgusting in my opinion. If anyone likes these, I'm not saying anything against you. But, in my opinion, that stuff is terrible. I want to gag thinking about it... I guess that's more like something I hope I'll never have to eat again, but that's all I can think of. ;) (Faith P.)

Probably bugs, especially spiders. *shudders* (Tiger Lily)

Can't think of anything!! (Tiffany C.)

I’m not sure, probably grasshoppers or something like that. :( (Olivia N. )

8. The strangest dish you've ever eaten?
There's nothing really strange, maybe some thing my sisters made. (Tiffany C.)

Well, I've eaten alligator but I'm not sure you'd call that strange. (Faith P.)

A Swedish dish of squash soup and Swedish hardtack. It was actually really good. That’s the only thing I can think up right now. ;) Oh, wait! My friend and I back when we were very little put cheese and popcorn on chocolate cookies. That was strange but kinda good. ;) (Emily McConnell)

9. Favourite mealtime? Why?
All of them! Because I am a Hobbit at heart :). (Shai Ireland)

Breakfast, maybe? I just love it… plus you can eat really good food for breakfast. (Olivia N.)

Dinner! Because everyone’s there! (That seems to be a common answer..) (Tiger Lily)

10. How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? :) 
By putting peanut butter on both sides of the bread and skipping the jelly. ;) I can’t stand jelly and peanut butter touching each other. Yuck. ;) (Emily McConnell)

Haha! I get a piece of bread, put peanut butter  on and then the jelly on top. (Olivia N. )

You take 2 slices of bread, spread jelly on one side, peanut butter on the other, squish them together and eat it:D Unless you’re making it for someone else, because they might be upset if you eat their sandwich:P (Tiger Lily)

Do I need to come to your house and teach you, Blessing? (I'm kidding.) ;) 
You take two pieces of bread and lay them on your plate. Then you spread peanut butter on one and jelly on the other. Smack 'me together and eat! :) Well, I don't because I don't like PB&Js. :) (Faith P.)

spread peanut butter on one piece of bread and spread jelly one the other. then put them together.
actually, I don't think I've made one before, but that's how I would make it. I would rather have bread with butter!:) (Tiffany C.)

Thanks again for doing the tag, girls! :) 


  1. I love the idea of rounding up everyone's answers!! So cool :)! Wonderful post Blessing Counter! And thank you again for nominating me!

  2. Thank you and you're welcome, Shai! Glad you liked the idea ;)


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