Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Another One of Those Random Posts

Some more little scenes from life in this crazy household :D

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A couple of days ago, Dad saw Toblerone with his mouth puffed out as if he was eating something. Thinking that Toblerone was eating something he wasn't supposed to, Dad told him to spit it out. Toblerone just stared at him as if trying to say You do not want me to do this. But it didn't communicate very well with Dad, I guess, because he told Toblerone to spit it out again. So Toby obeyed. And sprayed out a mouthful of water into Dad's hand. And Dad had just finished getting ready to go to work.

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So....last Sunday, we were discussing the sermon during lunch. Talking about money, the proper use of money, why we have money, and how money can become bad if you idolize it, etc. Everyone was adding in what they thought to the conversation and then Dare Devil, who had previously been very quiet, piped in "Oh, I know what dirty money is! It's when the money has dirt and mud on it, right?"

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Oh yeah!  I can't forget about this! Dad got a GatorXUV550 for the younger ones, and they've been going nuts with it! In a good way :) 

Tiger Lily says to mention that it is plastic. . . 

But it still moves, and boy is it fun to watch. I think it's more fun to ride, but us two older girls can't cause we're just so slightly too big for it. 

I was actually quite surprised though at how well Dare Devil and Snow White could drive. So far, I haven't seen them crash into anything, and Snow White can do a pretty good 3 point turn. I'm still trying to learn that, and it's not easy for me at all. But she makes it look like she's done it a million times already. 

 Dare Devil is also a very good driver. The only problem is that when I was taking pictures of him while he was in motion, he kept looking at me and smiling so that I could take a nice picture. So yeah, then he wasn't looking where he was going and it was getting a little scary watching him weave in and out and around and about. The fact that there's a four year old driving a two year around in a Gator (mini though it be) is scary enough for me!

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I've been extracting DNA from bananas, jellies, and even Ritz crackers. Okay, so the crackers didn't do anything but become really mushy and soft and yucky looking, but the banana gave a lot of DNA, and the jam was so-so. It made really nice pictures too! :) 

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Last Saturday, Tiger Lily and I helped out at the PCC banquet with lots of friends from our youth group at church. It was lots of fun serving to others with one another! :)

Tiger Lily, two of our best friends, and I were assigned on coat check. That meant we had to take all 643 guests' coats, hang them up, and MOST importantly. . . don't lose them!!! Then after the banquet was over, we had to give the coats back. Duh :P

Anyway, the system for keeping all the coats was confusing at first, but with some tweaking, we all managed to come up with something that would work. And guess what? It did! :)

Some people preferred to keep their coats on, or bring it in with them to the banquet hall, but I'd say we ended up taking around 550+ coats. 
Up with all. those. coats! :) 

At first, it was very stressful running around, trying not to lose both tickets and coats, but thankfully it came together and we all managed to work in a nice, somewhat orderly fashion :) Thanks also to some other friends who came to help us :D
There was a closet on the right of this picture, as well as another rack and closet
on the other side of the hall. 

I wonder what we're looking at? 

Oh, and I just had to add this picture of the chandelier. When we first got into the
hall, we were all like "whoaaa....this place is amazing!!" It was so beautiful
and breathtaking. There was this massive sparkling chandelier in the
very middle of the hall, with two smaller ones on either side. This picture is not
exactly how I wanted to show it, but I didn't have time to circle it and snap thousands of pictures of it
like I usually do. Coat check, remember? ;) 

Hard at work. . . I think. Or else we're playing Hangman ;)

Me and our two fellow coat check-ers :) Thanks to Tiger Lily for taking the photo! :) 

Ahhh yes! And the stairs!! On either side of the hall were these absolutely magnificent stairways. They were so pretty!
So once there was a break in the crowd and no one seemed to be wanting their coats, I got Tiger Lily and these two pretty fellow coat check-ers to run up the stairs and let me take a picture. :)

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Tiger Lily was (actually, she is right this instant while I'm typing :P) looking for a song to do for a Studio Assignment, (that's for the vocal course that she is taking that I may or may not have forced her to take. . . ) and she thought of doing the Dragon Theme song. Where No One Goes. Have you heard it before? It's a really fun and nice song. Anyway, she was looking up the lyrics and she realized that the chorus actually goes:
We go where no one goes
We slow for no one 
Get out of our way!
Once she read that, she was like "WHAATT??? That's so rude!" Then she showed it to me and I heard it and I was wondering how did we not hear that before? It's so weird! But yeah. . . she won't be singing that for her Studio assignment! :) 

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So, what did you think? Would you like me to continue doing these Random posts? :)
What did you find most interesting in this post? Most funny?

Hope you enjoyed the post! :D


  1. Loved your post! The GatorXUV550 looks like so much fun :)! Your siblings seemed to be having a blast! I love the chandelier and staircase, they looks so beautiful!. It seems like you all had a lot of fun checking coats, even though there was sooo many:)! I always enjoy your Random Posts, so I think you should continue :)!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you Shai and Rishona! Glad you're enjoying these posts :)

    Shai, yes, we had tons of fun checking coats...once we got kinda used to what we were doing and it wasn't so stressful anymore ;) We did encounter a few problems when quite a few people lost their tickets, or when a couple people tried hanging up their own coats or taking their coats by themselves :)


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