Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Blog Cover

It's time for another new blog cover! Trying to make it look nice and Christmasy ....which reminds me.... It's December 1st!! 24 more days until CHRISTMAS!!! 
Are you preparing for Christmas already?
What do you like best about Christmas? What does Christmas mean for you? :)
How do you like the new blog cover?


  1. I love your new blog cover! It is definitely Christmasy :)! I am totally ready for Christmas! My Christmas tree is already up in my room covered in ornaments! Now all we have to do is to put up the official living room Christmas tree :). I love everything about Christmas, the snow, music, lights...! The only problem is sometimes it does get a little too cold for my liking :).
    I love the background on your blog too!
    Have a great day, and merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Shai!

      I saw your Christmas tree when I visited your blog today, love those Minnie Mouse ears you put on it! :)

  2. Your new blog cover looks great!
    I am already getting ready for Christmas too. I got a mini tree today for my room and just got done decorating it. I'm not sure when we will put up our family tree. : )
    Christmas is my favorite holiday. What's yours?

    1. Thank you Rebekah! :) It must be fun to have your own personal little tree! I kinda wish I could do that as well, but with 3 girls sleeping in 1 room, it's already a little too tight to squeeze in a tree as well ;)

      I think Christmas is my favourite holiday too! Everything is so pretty during that time of year! :D

  3. Lovely new header, Blessing! Oh, yes, we're preparing for Christmas. We hardly waited until Thanksgiving was over. :)
    I love Christmas! I love getting ready, decorating, listening and playing Christmas songs, family time, . . .

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Haha, when do you start listening to Christmas music? Yes, getting ready for Christmas is so much fun!! :)

    2. Well, . . . technically we don't put on any Christmas cds until the day after Thanksgiving, but sometimes I just have to listen to Christmas music early (so I can get into the mood to write a Christmas story for my blog) and then I'll listen to something online on my computer when my sister is downstairs. ;)


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