Monday, 22 August 2016

Helens // Goodbye // Candy Haul

Okay, I'm FINALLY getting this post out. I am SO sorry for how long it took to publish this. And, Tiger Lily won't be here this time round; though a lot of her pictures will be! :) 

Alright, let's get this started. 

Sunday afternoon, first week campers who were staying another week prepared to greet new campers. Remember from that first post, we told you about how we were nearly scared to death by the loud welcome we received? Well, this time, Tiger Lily and I got to be in this loud welcome ;) Lots of clapping and shouting and greetings :D 

 And GUESS WHAT?! I got to meet my Literary Analysis teacher. Which was positively amaaazzziinnnggg!!!! It was SO exciting to finally get to meet her in person :)

 We also met this very special person, Amy, whom we quickly became friends with ❤

 The second week of camp, Tiger Lily took a cosmetology intensive (cosmetology as in make-up and hair and all that. NOT cosmology (stars) as many people believed :P), and I took a filmmaking intensive. Going to tell you now, you are going to see WAY more pictures from the cosmetology than filmmaking ;)

And, as Tiger Lily isn't here, I'm going to attempt to tell you everything she did at camp. Bear with me ;)

Okay, so I THINK the first thing they had to do was cut the mannikin's hair. There were only 6 Helens (yes, the heads had names) and 12 students, so it was 2 girls to 1 head. Soooo....half a head each. Tiger Lily said the end result usually looked a little strange since one half was always different from the other.

 They also got to curl the hair after cutting it.

 After the first day, Tiger Lily came up to me with a 'dangerous' glint and asked "Can I cut your hair?" I immediately said "NO!" xD Duh

She consoled herself with doing my hair instead in some complicated braid-y thing.

Interruption from the cosmetology stuff. Here's a quick picture from the filmmaking class. Cool cameras and set up; the whole schibang ;) Very interesting to be around.

 There was also field night again. I managed to snap a photo of the waterfall really quick while walking across the bridge.
 Ultimate Frisbee was being played on the field too, but as it looked a little rough-and-tumble, Tiger Lily, a few other girls, and I decided to skip out on it.

We played General Knowledge instead :)

 Back to cosmetology now ;) Tiger Lily had to do a perm. Which apparently is NOT a very easy thing to do. It took a very long time and at the end, the students were saying "If you ever have a perm done on yourself, please apologize to your hairdresser." xD
All that hair in them curlers ;) 
And the end result of the perm! 
 I think the next pictures were of bleaching the Helens hair.

 And this one was of them dying the hair. See how much stuff you can do on one single head? ;)

Random picture of Tiger Lily and Amy eating ice cream :D 
 And another picture from my filmmaking camp.

 The last day of camp was funny and sad all at the same time. Lots of giggles and tears and hugs that night, let me tell you!

Oh yes, and the Helen's were everywhere in the girls' dorm. Some in the foyer, some in girls' bedrooms, you get the point. It was a little creepy at first, but you got used to the sight after awhile :P

On the last night, we had a mini girl get-together :D Eating junk food, dancing the macarena, telling silly stories, and just having a fun time together.

The girls there, they were amazing, may I just say. We made some very good friends, and it was very sad having to leave. But I'm glad we got the chance to meet them and make new friends :)

And looking back now, (I know, it's only been around 3 months, but it seems like forever since camp ended ;) Tiger Lily and I both agree that Landry Camp really helped us more socially than educationally. We're both introverts, and we still kind of are, but we're not as painfully shy as we used to be. All those amazing people at camp really helped us to feel more secure and confident, and yes, even a little more extroverted too. Even the dancing helped us break out from our shell. So thank you SO very much, Landry and all you peoples. Love you guys so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

Okay, enough of the rambling ;) In the morning, we had a quick presentation before people with flights had to leave. It was bittersweet leaving. And yes, there were tears :) 

We drove 2.5 hours to the airport, and then ate lunch with some of the other students before their flights came in and they had to leave. Tiger Lily and I had to wait the longest, so we hung around and walked the airport for quite awhile. 

We were supposed to wait around 6 hours before our flight came in. But there were a few maintenance problems with the plane, so we waited for another 2 hours and a bit.

I'll admit, I kinda drank a lot of Starbucks while we were waiting for the plane.

 Tiger Lily had to take Gravol so she wouldn't get airsick in the plane. However, since the plane was delayed, the medicine ended up taking effect while we were still at the airport. My poor sister got very drowsy and fell asleep right there in her seat.

 On the other hand, I was all wide-awake and active after all that coffee. Hey, someone had to look after the luggage ;)

 By the time we got on the plane, we were tired, but happy.

We ended up arriving at our destination before Mom and Dad got there, so we had a bit more of a wait. I think we ended up hearing them before we saw them. It looked like a big crowd rushing at us, but it was really only Dad and Mom and Spiderman and Ironman and Snow White and Dare Devil and Toblerone and our grandfather. Lots of hugs exchanged there. Then we drove home and AHHH....I was greeted by an ecstatic Maple. My puppy missed me!! xD 

She literally bowled me over and then after I sat up, squirmed herself into my lap. Yes, my over 80 pound puppy tried to sit on me. I think I had pins and needles afterwards ;) 

The day after we got back home, Tiger Lily and I emptied our bags of all the candy and it was distributed between the younger children. They really enjoyed that ;P 

The end! It was a great experience and we both loved it so very much! Lord willing, we'll get to do it again next year! :) 

Our counsellor groups :) 

Thank you all for reading these (very delayed) posts and I hope you enjoyed them! :) 


  1. Sounds like you had a really fun time! I love all the pictures. ;)

  2. Hahaha, sounds like TOO. MUCH. FUN. XD Except...there isn't such a thing, right?


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