Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Just some random ramblings of mine today. So first of all, you remember that that huge egg we did a mini-game on weighed 94 grams and was the biggest egg we ever got? Well, record broken. Another chicken (or maybe it was the same chicken, we don't know) laid an egg that weighed 106 grams. Proof below. Poor chicken :P

On another note, I found a toad. And it wasn't just some cute little toad that you can hold in your hand. I mean a GINOURMOUS toad. One almost as big as my hand. A big, fat, humongous, gigantic toad. And I stepped on it!!!! *shudders*

The story behind it went something like this: Two nights ago, we forgot to close the chicken coop, so I went out. Because we live in the country, there's no such things as street lights around our place, and that means it's very, very, very, dark and that means I bring a flashlight with me. But I forgot to turn the floodlights on. Anyway, I put my Crocs on and stepped outside before I turned my flashlight on. And that's when I stepped on it. Funny thing is, my foot came out toes first. Not normal. At first when my foot touched it, I thought it was a squishy ball. But just as it dawned on me that we didn't own squishy balls, my "squishy ball" moved. And I instantly jumped away and turned on the flashlight and found a squirming brownish white thing waving it's legs around. (and all that happened in less than a minute) I thought it was a rat and was ready to scream my head off (I'm not particular friends to rats), when it turned over and I found out that it was a toad.  I'm friends with frogs and toads, but NOT giant toads. Especially now, when all I can remember right now is how squishy it felt when I stepped on it. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the toad is still alive. After it turned over, it hopped away like nothing had happened to it. Dad doesn't understand how it managed to stay alive like that, but I think it's because I felt it under my foot before putting my whole foot down. So it really only got my toes. But still, it's just so gross!! I'm never stepping outside the door in the night without looking at the ground again! :P 


  1. That would be awful! I'm always afraid when I mow the yard in the spring that I'll mow some small toad or baby rabbit. *cringes at the thought* I'm glad to know that poor toad was okay. He probably hopped home and had the biggest story to tell to all his friends. :)

    1. Yes, that would be awful! Ugh, I don't know what I would do if the boys did that to a small animal and it WAS STILL ALIVE after that! One of my worst nightmares...


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