Saturday, 12 September 2015

Photo Shoot // Tiger Lily

Finally, at long last, is the post of the photo shoot that I had with Tiger Lily one or two weeks ago. It was a very cloudy day, so some photos didn't come out as nicely as I'd have liked, but there were some pretty good pictures here too, I think! :) Of course, Tiger Lily made it very...interesting and funny! Really, it's impossible to have a completely serious photo shoot with her. 

But I'll stop talking now and let you see the pictures. We both hope you like them! :) 

Tree Hugger. Literally :P

Attempts With The Swing
Mmm....taken at the wrong moment, I guess. 

Uh huh. Very interesting face, dontcha think? 

Argh, she's supposed to be in the middle of the picture. Too soon. 

This one make me kinda dizzy. And it looks like the tree's the focus instead of Tiger Lily, doesn't it?

That looks better! :) 

Tiger Lily thinks that the slight purple on the edge of her eyelid is because she's tired. She's not wearing make-up, in case you're wondering ;) However, her lips just might be stained redder than normal due to the peppermint stick she's sucking. 

By this time, I was very surprised that she hadn't made any funny faces and had been quite...serene :) But of course, that didn't last very long!

See that tank on the left side of her? That's the propane tank. :P
We couldn't find another part of the house that wasn't smothered in mosquitoes and had bricks,
so here's where we're taking the pictures. Thankfully, it doesn't smell. 



  1. I LOVED reading this! I love all of the different expressions! :)
    (Sorry I still haven't done my book post thingy you nominated me for... I have been swamped with school....:)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! :) Yes, those expressions of hers...

      Oh, and don't worry at all about the book tag! It was just for fun, you don't need to worry if you don't do it right away! Don't let it bog you down, it ain't that important! ;)

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love how creative you were with the different angles and backgrounds!
    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Shai! I'm glad you like the photos! :)

      You have a great day too!

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