Thursday, 23 July 2015

Camping Day #3

Onto day three! Click here to see Day 1 and Day 2

Finally! I get to post pictures of the photo shoot(s) that Tiger Lily and I took together too! Hope you enjoy the post! :D

Right after breakfast, we three girls and Ironman and Spiderman cycled to the beach while Mom and Dad took Dare Devil and Toblerone for a cycle around the campsite. 

The minute we hit the beach, I pulled out my camera, the girls started to pick rocks, and the boys skipped rocks..... as usual! 

The one rock I like the best is the one below. ;) And no, I did not write on the rock!

After Tiger Lily took a break from picking rocks, I asked her if she would "model" for me in her new sunhat.

She agreed...with one exception. She would be allowed to take pictures of me with my new sunhat. I agreed too :)

Her hat had fallen into the water the day before, so it was a little floppy. Okay, so maybe not just a little floppy. A LOT floppy. Thus the face below.  Not to mention that it was rather windy too!

After we finally figured out that the hat would absolutely not cooperate, I let her try out my hat instead.

I love this picture!! :) 

My turn!

I saw the waves and just HAD to take a picture of them. ;)

Dad and Dare Devil came to the beach just as we finished taking pictures and then we went swimming. Well, swimming isn't the right word. More like jumping over humongous waves and trying not to get knocked over. It's just so much fun to do that! Like a wave pool that never stops! Spiderman, Ironman, and I had a contest to see who could jump against waves, with waves, and above waves without getting knocked over. In the end, we all won since none of us fell over. But we were all soaked by the time we were done. And the boys weren't even in swimsuits! So a very uncomfortable ride back home on our bikes :P

We had dinner, and then since it was our last night, Tiger Lily and I got dressed to go to the beach for a photo shoot. Before we had left for the trip, I had hoped to get a photo shoot with all the girls, including Mom, with coordinating outfits. Mom and Snow White brought their clothes, but they didn't really want to go the beach, so it was just Tiger Lily and I that went. And Spiderman and Ironman came along to skip rocks and take pictures in case we needed them. So if you see pictures with both Tiger Lily and me, credit goes to Spiderman. Thank you, Spiderman!

When we got to the beach, there were a lot more people there than we had expected. Okay, so we may or may not have been hoping that no one would be there because we felt really weird in good clothes on a beach. How would you feel if you were among a bunch of people in casual, grungy clothes (on a beach, don't forget!)....and you were wearing clothes you would wear to church or something? Awkward! :) And we just felt more uncomfortable 'cause there were quite a few people staring at us! :P

But, I think it was worth it! The pictures came out great and we had so much fun!

The beginning of the sunset. 

In case you're wondering, she just got hit by a wave. Oh, did I mention that the waves were really big
that day....and the water was really cold?

Now, for the next 8 pictures, I was asking Tiger Lily to have a ....serene face. We had no idea how hard that would be!

Me: "That's not serene, Tiger Lily!"

Me: "That's not serene, either"

Tiger Lily: "I can't be serene!!!!!"
Me: "Almost there...almost there..."

Me: "Noooo! You were so close!!!!!" 

"Oh dear, don't blank out like that"

The best picture!'s serene!! ;) 
Tiger Lily's idea was to have me pinch the sun. Have a you ever tried that before? It's really funny, especially when you have someone like Tiger Lily telling you what to do. "Move a little bit to the many rights do you have?" "Just the teensiest weeniest bit more to the left..a bit you're pinching the cloud...I want you to pinch the sun, not the cloud!" "Oh dear, now you're not pinching anything!" 

But I pinched the sun in the end! :)

Okay, personally, I didn't want to put this picture up because I think I look so weird without glasses,
probably because I've worn 'em since I was 8, so 7 years already? But Tiger Lily insisted that I put it up
because she thought it was nice. So there you go, Tiger Lily! 

Another picture of the sunset
Tiger Lily also wanted to try to have a picture of us doing a... Siamese dance, as she calls it.  What she actually meant was for us to try and do a jig, and pretty much look the same in our motions.
And I'm protesting because I don't really want to do a jig

"Really, Tiger Lily? How about wave jumping instead?"

I think this was the best wave jumping picture. 

This one, Tiger Lily's hair went positively wild!

The closest we could come to a Siamese dance. Tiger Lily saw it and the first thing she said was
"Oh goodie! Look, the same leg is out in the same position!" 

I didn't realize it until later when I was editing photos that the water was tilting
down. But it actually looks pretty neat, don't you think? 

Yet another picture of the sunset. 

Our shadow!!

And the moon was just on the other side of the beach. 

The lighting at a certain time of sunsets always makes our hair turn a reddish-brownish colour
and to be honest, Tiger Lily and I like it so much when it does that! I like my brownish black hair, but a reddish
tinge is a nice change once in awhile. 

Trick Question: Is Tiger Lily facing away from us, or toward us?
(To be honest, I have no idea at all. I .....forgot) 

I like the wave in this photo. 

Tiger Lily insisted that we take pictures of what we looked like in the end. "We can't just let people think we were all nice and dry the entire photo shoot! They gotta see what it was really like!"

I took a series of photos of the sun going down at the end, so now I've got a ton of photos of it. It's really fun to press the arrow key and watch the pictures flash by, so that you can "watch" the sun going down. I'm not going to put all those photos here just because it would make this photo way too long and it would take a really long time to download the photos here too. So I'll just add a few of them.


  1. Those are some great pictures! That beach looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Yes, the beach was a TON of fun! :D

  2. I love the pictures!!! They remind me of when we went camping on our vacation...(I haven't gotten to that post yet)

    1. Can't wait to read your camping post, Rebekah! I'll bet it was a lot of fun! :D

  3. really nice pics! some are funny.

    1. Thank you Sonia! What pictures did you think were funny? :D


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