Sunday, 31 May 2015

Day #84 - #93

Whew! Have I really not done my picture of the day post for 10 days? Tsk tsk, bad me! :P

Friday, May 22: New Song

One of the songs that I'm learning for my vocal class. It's so funny, it's hard
to sing without giggling!
Saturday, May 23: New China Doll

Sunday, May 24: One minute he's up.....and the next minute he's gone! :P

And now for the week of flowers that I said I'd do. Note: Some of the flowers I have no idea what their names I'll apologize ahead of time if I call it "Red flower" "Purple flower" etc. :P

Monday, May 25: Red Columbine (*gasp* I actually know what this flower's name is! :D)

Tuesday, May 26: Orange Tulip

Wednesday, May 27: Lily of the Valley

Thursday, May 28: Whit Flower Cluster

Our grandparents also brought us to a horse show. It was amazing! The horses were beautiful and SO good! I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show, so I only took them outside by the banners.

Friday, May 29: Purple Flower 

Saturday, May 30: Rose...kinda
I know, I know, this isn't a real flower. But I forgot to take
a picture of a REAL flower. So I took a picture of the ...arm painting?
on Snow White. (It was supposed to be face painting, but the lady
was willing to do it on Snow White's arm instead. Isn't that lady talented
though? The flowers were soooo pretty!)
Sunday, May 31: Happy Mother's Day (?)

It's raining outside....and I can't take my camera outside. So I'll substitute with a picture
that I had made with GIMP for Mother's Day.
Note: There IS a flower! :P


  1. How fun! I enjoyed looking at your pics!

  2. Replies
    1. Which flower did you like the best, Rebekah? :)

    2. I think I'd have to say the Lily of the Valley is my favorite.


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