Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day #69 - #77

Friday, May 8: Lamp. . . again :)

I almost forgot to take a picture again, so it was really late in the night when I took this picture. But I got what I wanted! The background was actually lighted up, not just the light. But I wanted to get it to look like it was dark. . . and the camera did exactly that :D

Saturday, May 9: Marshalling at the Pregnancy Care Centre Relay with my Friend! :)

And I had to add this photo of Toblerone. Mom won a pair of bright pink
headphones, and he decided to try 'em on. Doesn't he look cute? :D
Sunday, May 10: At the Movie Theatre
Mom thought that it would be fun to have a girls' night out, so
she, Tiger Lily, Snow White, and I all went out to watch
the "new" Cinderella. The movie was amazing and we
 all enjoyed going out together. And yeah, this picture was
taken in the bathroom... :P
 Monday, May 11: Red Carnation
We went to Montana's for Mother's Day and they gave Mom
this beautiful red posy. :) 
 Tuesday, May 12: Favourite Bible Verse

Wednesday, May 13: Pattern of Leaves against a Blue Sky

Thursday, May 14: Paper Beads 

 Friday, May 15: Moose Boy :)

Saturday, May 16: A bird that I do not know the name of :P
Do any of you happen to know what the name of this bird is? :)
I'll tell you the story behind this picture in my next post, which
I can hopefully do tomorrow. 


  1. That bird in the last picture is a Flicker. We have them down here and they are so fun to watch.
    I remember making paper beads when I was young. Such fun!

    I'm behind on posts again. :)

  2. Thank you Rebekah! Oh, it's nice to know what the bird was :D


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