Tuesday, 31 March 2015

No, I didn't forget. . .

No, I did not forget about the blog or the photo challenge. I still took pictures every day. I just didn't post them for a whole week and 2 days. Last Saturday I had another near scare when the computer decided to switch iPhoto Libraries, making me think that all my pictures had been trashed again. Thankfully, they weren't and Mom and Dad helped me "find" them again. Whew! ;) Anyway, after that, we thought it would be better if I got a USB and downloaded all my photos so that I had a backup and then we wouldn't have to keep having those horrible, terrible scares. So I took pictures over the week, but didn't download anything until I got the USB. Which I didn't get until this Sunday. But now all the pictures are downloaded and I'm ready to post again. Yay! :)

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