Tuesday, 3 March 2015

365-Day-Photo Challenge | Day 3

Okay, yesterday I wasn't too clear which photo was mine and which one was Spiderman's. Sorry about that! With all the posts, I will be posting first mine, and then Spiderman's. 

And just before we get onto the pictures, I'm going to give the links to a couple of blogs run by special friends of mine who have joined the photo challenge with me! 

This one is by Carrie Nickerson and her friend, Shannon Jabb: Photography 365 Shannon and Carrie

And the next blog is by Abby Cacciacarro: Cacciacarro Clan

Now to get to the photos Spiderman and I took. . .

House of Love, by Elizabeth Cheney. Definitely a book that I would recommend! Tiger Lily and I have read this over at least 10 times each! ;)

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