Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Blessings. . .

Blessing #56: Skiing! 
Blessing #57: Candle light. I think they look so romantic, but as
Tiger Lily says, "It's not so romantic when you know you're using them
only because the power's gone out. . . AGAIN!!"

Blessing #58: Ski Goggles. Oh, these are SO helpful when skiing,
especially if there's a strong windchill! 

Blessing #59: Clean drinking water. Sometimes I think
I take clean water for granted.
(Mom can't believe that I used this bottle to represent the
clean water. She said "You're using a picture of a bottle that
is sold by the company that takes the clean water away from
our wells (yes, we have a well) and sells the water at really high
prices to represent clean water? :P) 

Blessing # 60: Cousins playing Star Wars. 

Blessing #61: Busy Hands

Blessing #62: BOOKS!! :)

Blessing #63: Sleepy Brother

Blessing # 64: Cute puppy! 

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  1. I love the picture of the stacks of books! I love books. Now I want to go and read. ;)


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