Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Inkling Explorations // Anne of the Island

Time for another Inkling Explorations! To find out more about this monthly link-up, you can go to Heidi's blog HERE

This month's selection is: A scene with a traveler arriving home in book or film

The scene I chose is from Anne of the Island. I will say, depending on how you look at it, it's not exactly a traveler coming home. Anne is visiting Green Gables on holiday from college, but she is coming home, if for only a little time ;) 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Diana met Anne at the Carmody station the next night, and they drove home together under silent, star-sown depths of sky. Green Gables had a very festal appearance as they drove up the lane. There was a light in every window, the glow breaking out against the dark background of the Haunted Wood. And in the yard was a brave bonfire with two gay little figures dancing around it, one of which gave an unearthly yell as the buggy turned in under the poplars. 

“Davy means that for an Indian war-whoop,” said Diana. “Mr. Harrison’s hired boy taught it to him, and he’s been practicing it up to welcome you with. Mrs. Lynde says it has worn her nerves to a frazzle. He creeps up behind her, you know, and then lets go. He was determined to have a bonfire for you, too. He’s been piling up dry branches for a fortnight and pestering Marilla to be let pour some kerosene oil over it before setting it on fire. I guess she did, by the smell, though Mrs. Lynde said up to the last that Davy would blow himself and everybody else up if he was let.” 

Anne was out of the buggy by this time, and Davy was rapturously hugging her knees, while even Dora was clinging to her hand. 

“Isn’t that a bully bonfire, Anne? Just let me show you how to poke it - see the sparks? I did if your you, Anne, ‘cause I was so glad you were coming home.” 

The kitchen door opened and Marilla’s spare form darkened against the inner light. She preferred to meet Anne in the shadows, for she was horribly afraid that she was going to cry with joy - she, stern, repressed Marilla, who thought all display of deep emotion unseemly. Mrs. Lynde was behind her, sonsy, kindly, matronly, as of youre. The love that Anne had told Phil was waiting for her surrounded her and enfolded her with its blessing and its sweetness. Nothing, after all, could compare with old ties, old friends, and old Green Gables! How starry Anne’s eyes were as they sat down to the loaded supper table, how pink her cheeks, how silver-clear her laughter! And Diana was going to stay all night, too. How like the dear old times it was! And the rose-bud tea-set graced the table! With Marilla the force of nature could no further go. 

“I supposed you and Diana will now proceed to talk all night,” said Marilla sarcastically, as the girls went upstairs. Marilla was always sarcastic after any self-betrayal. 

“Yes,” agreed Anne gaily, “but I’m going to put Davy to be first. He insists on that.” 

“You bet,” said Davy, as they went along the hall. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Oh, and just a head's up - the next post on our North Carolina trip is coming. No, we haven't forgotten about it ;)

 Lord willing, I'll have the next one up by tomorrow :) 


  1. How neat! I love all of the Anne of Green Gables books. :)

    1. Yes, aren't the AoGG series awesome?! I love pretty much all of 'em :)

  2. Aww. This is a beautiful selection. Nice choice, Blessing! :)

  3. Ahhh...I LOVE the AOGG series, as well as almost anything by L.M.M. This is such a sweet scene. Thank you for sharing!

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

    1. Yes, it's such a fun scene too! :) Thanks for commenting, Emma :)


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