Sunday, 10 July 2016

Chilly Mornings // Fake Men

Hello all! How was your Sunday? Y'all ready for the new week? :) 

Here's the next post on our trip to North Carolina! 


Okay, she’s exaggerating there. Ok, fine. A fridge then. But it was very chilly when we woke up. (I didn't really believe it before, but yes, mountain air is cold. What's it like during the winter, I'd like to know? ;))Our window had been open all night, and I didn’t realize that until around 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I rather sleepily struggled to get the jammed window to close. That took awhile.

And she woke me up with “HELP ME WITH THIS WINDOW!!!”

Yeah, Tiger Lily finally decided to help me :P Hey, it was 5 in the morning!!!! Anyway, we went back to sleep, but we were still pretty cold. Our blankets weren’t the warmest to be honest, just a couple of flannel blankets that were a mite too small. 

That’s what happens when you travel by plane and have to pack sheets, blankets, and pillow, not including clothes and stuff into a carry-on and a back-pack. 

Oh yes, and Tiger Lily did this pretty french braid on me for the morning. 
Okay Tiger Lily, now you say something. 



What kind of face is that? *looks at Blessing Counter while she makes this really really weird face at me*................I still don’t know what kind of face that is. 

OH! BREAKFAST!!! It was SOOOO good.  We usually don’t eat super fancy breakfasts, and at the cafeteria in the college, they had EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN YOU COULD WANT FOR BREAKFAST. I mean they had bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, waffles, DONUTS, hash browns, muffins, a ton of different kinds of fruit, french toast, yogurt, cereal, hot chocolate, coffee, juice, you name it! I’m hungry just thinking about it. 

COFFEE XD My favourite part of breakfast! ;) 

After breakfast, we all went to class. Tiger Lily was taking a pre-vet camp, and I was taking a Christian Music Jam one. SUPER FUN! 

My band composing our first song! :)

Classes started at 9, then had a lunch break at 12, then started again at 1 until 3 in the afternoon. After that, all the students were taken on a mandatory campus tour, as well as a look into some of the courses that Lees McRae offered. 

LOOK AT THAT GUY!!! THE FAKE GUY. I thought he was real. . . . . .

Yes, as I was saying, Lees McRae was showing some of the courses they had to offer and one of them was nursing. They had a mannequin hooked up to some stuff to illustrate some things. But a lot of people looked a little freaked out when they first saw the ‘man’. It blinked, peoples. BLINKED!! 

Oh yeah, and then we went to a restaurant near the college for dinner. The food there was really good. I think there was chicken of some sort, and another kind of chicken. And mashed potatoes. WITH GRAVY. And that’s all I remember :P 

There was a lot of stuff that we could do during free time, like rock climbing. We were both surprised and delighted to find out that they had a rock wall at the rec center, so we headed over there to do some climbing :D HOWEVER (of course there’s a story to something as simple as heading to a building :P) 

Despite the campus tour we had taken the day before, we were still uncertain as to where to go to get to the recreational center, where the rock climbing was being held. We started walking down a road, but then after we started passing a couple cottages, we were fairly certain we had gone the wrong way. So we back tracked and I got distracted by this lovely flower and HAD to take a picture, all the while mourning over not bringing my camera. But the iPod took a pretty good picture, I guess ;) 

Anyway, while I was taking the picture, we happened to see another Landry student. Tiger Lily had the brilliant idea of following him to the rec center. So we did, but as inconspicuously as we possibly could. Long story short, we managed to finally reach the rec center and did some rock climbing for awhile before heading back for dinner. 

(I apologize for Tiger Lily’s absence; she’s currently watching Studio C and eating Doritos ;) But I’m not purposefully hogging the post :P )

Field night was a ton of fun, although we mostly just watched the other students play Ultimate Frisbee and soccer with two other girls we had met. 

Oh yeah, and we got photobombed by one of the camp counsellors. . . 

Ok, I’m back. :D 

Oh, finally! Okay, you continue now.

Oh yeah, so we found someone’s frisbee and tried playing with it but for some weird reason none of us could catch it. Ever. It was probably the wind or something :P 

Yes, of COURSE it wasn’t because we were all horrible at catching *rolls eyes*

No, of course not. So in the end, we gave up on that and found a soccer ball which we used to play catch with instead. That went a lot better - until we decided to try and catch it with one hand……….. 

Haha, oh yeah, that was fun! 

Field night ended with this beautiful sunset. 

And I guess we should probably end this post now too, before it gets too long! Hope you all enjoyed reading more about our trip :) 

Ta ta!! (I’ve always wanted to say that :D)


  1. I've been having a lot of fun reading about your trip, Blessing and Tiger Lily!! :D
    It sounds like you both had a wonderful time! :)

    1. Oh good! Glad you're enjoying it, Rebekah! :D

  2. Hehehe, I got you on the short-blanket issue. XD That fake man though... And he blinked?!? #creepsville

    1. Oh, you got that problem too? Got annoying after waking up to find my feet freezing, so I got used to sleeping curled up in a ball :P

      Ha, yes. He BLINKED. It was another level of creepy XD

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Blessing! I loved all of your pictures. The music jam camp you joined seemed like so much fun! What instrument do you play? Thanks for telling us about your trip!

    1. Thanks, Shai! YES, the music camp was SO much fun! I play the piano and guitar, as well as sing :D

  4. Looks like tons of fun!!! And the music part looks great! I love piano!!

    So was this like a school camp or could you just sign up for classes if you wanted to?

  5. And I can relate to the getting lost part....there was this one tournament we were at and the campus was H U G E. And they didn't even give us a tour :(. So once the postings went up (the postings tell us what room we are competing in and who we are going against) Rebekah and I had to go get a timer (aka a real person who gives hand signals but we had to walk them to the room since they are normally younger) And we didn't know where to go so we went the completely wrong direction..... and then had to go back and the went to EVERY SINGLE BUILDING and finally the LAST BUILDING was the right was across the street so we didn't think of looking there. But we had to walk around the ENTIRE CAMPUS IN HIGH HEELS AND A SUIT JACKET/SKIRT AND WE HAD PEOPLE FOLLOWING US TO TIME. It was comical to say the least... im not good with directions and maps soooo :/// The campus was very pretty though ! :))

  6. Oh, for this one, it was just a summer camp you could sign up for. It wasn't mandatory for classes or anything, if that's what you were wondering :) But Landry Academy does offer online classes as well. It was really fun because we actually got to meet fellow students and teachers from the online classes we had taken before! You can check out their website here if you're interested: (camp info is under the 'for families' tab :))

    Oh, haha, poor you! I have a hard time walking in the slightest bit of heel across the church yard, so walking an entire campus must have been difficult! Glad you were able to find the right building in the end! :D


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