Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Very Belated Photo Post

Hello all! Here it is, the very belated photo post.


Monday, January 4: Puzzles 
Okay, this picture was actually taken on the 5th, but the picture that I had for the 4th
didn't turn out as well as I would have liked and it was really hard to see the subject :( 
Tuesday, January 5: Happy 10th Birthday, Ironman!  

Wednesday, January 6: First Time Skater! 

Thursday, January 7: Meringue

Friday, January 8: Superwoman! 
Snow White's creativity....
Sunday, January 10: January 10 :) 

Tuesday, January 12: Math. . . 
just a note though, I am no longer doing Precalculus! Yippee! :P Found out
that it was wwaaayyy too advanced for me, so now I'm going through Algebra II
instead ;) 
Thursday, January 14: Colonial Tea Set

Friday, January 15: Chickens + Snow

Saturday, January 16: The Photo of a Photo

Sunday, January 17: My Song To-Do List

Monday, January 18: Snow! 

Tuesday, January 19: Ski Pile
Yup, I wore ALL of that to go skiing :P 
Wednesday, January 20: Skiing! 

And just an extra picture... it was snowing really hard when we left! 
Thursday, January 21: Calendar Picture

Friday, January 22: Brother and Sister

Sunday, January 24: Meeting Yoda

Monday, January 25: Showing Off His Motorcycle ;) 

Tuesday, January 26: Ever After! 
Here's a picture of the DVD that I won from Heidi.
I was totally blown away with the cover!
I thought it was going to look like this:

But what I got is SOOO much prettier than the other one!!
Thank you so much, Heidi! :) 
Wednesday, January 27: Puppy Face

Thursday, January 28: Snow Covered Bush

Friday, January 29: Fluffy Elephant

Saturday, January 30: Photo Shoot with a Friend! :D 

Sunday, January 31: Friends Forever
A beautiful water-colour painting given to me by one of my
dearest friends! :) 

Monday, February 1: Old, Broken Jewelry
The pearls at the bottom are mostly missing, the clasp on the other piece is
totally gone, and did you know that it used to be on a necklace? I was
attempting to make the jewelry prettier than what it actually looks like
in real life. Do you think I succeeded, or does it still look pretty old and broken and
somewhat ugly? 
Tuesday, February 2: A Printed Photograph. . . 

Wednesday, February 3: Watching Studio C

Thursday, February 4: Ice Cream in a Cup

Friday, February 5: Sweet (literally) Sixteen! 
Yours truly turned 16! :D
 I woke up to a family waiting in the dining
room to surprise me with banners, birthday decorations, presents. these pretty
cakes and a whole lot of love! :D
I have an awesome family!!!!! :) 

Saturday, February 6: Birthday Banner
A corner of the beautiful and very colourful banner that my siblings made for me.
Ironman drew a very pretty sunrise, and then I found out that Tiger Lily had snuck in
"You're old!"  at the bottom of a mountain.  Isn't she the loveliest sister? :P 
Sunday, February 7: Mouldy Sandwich
Note to self: Always check to make sure that the ski bag is completely empty.
Or else you might find, well, that
Monday, February 8: Three Little Skiers
Look who started skiing!! I managed to persuade Mom to let Toblerone try skiing
in the last two hours of our ski day, and she agreed. At the end of about 1.5 hours, he
was able to ski straight a little ways by himself! He's growing up so fast!! :) 


  1. What a fun look into your life! I'm a big fan of Studio C myself. ;) They can always make me laugh. :D

    1. Yes, Studio C is amazing! Which reminds me, they probably just posted a video! :) *goes to Youtube to check* Yup, new video! Changing Relationship Status....hmmmm.... :D

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!

    2. Oh, and by the way, love your new profile picture! :)

  2. Happy 16th birthday, Blessing!!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  3. Happy birthday! Loved your pictures. Ironman's cake is amazing!! And I like Studio C too :)

    1. Thank you, Lauren!

      Yay, another Studio C fan!!! ;)

    2. You're welcome :) That reminds me to check their page!!

  4. I love all the pictures, Blessing!! :D Happy birthday, sweet sixteen!!! :) *high five*

  5. I'm a week late on this post, but last week was really busy.
    You have some really good pictures here, Blessing! All the snow pictures makes me jealous. We still haven't gotten any good snowfall this year. :P I think you managed to make that jewelry look quite lovely. I wouldn't have guessed it was old and broken.

    And happy late birthday. :)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah!

      Hehe, yeah, the snow! We're enjoying it while we can. Seems like the weather is going up and down like a yoyo. One day it's 11 degrees Celsius, couple days later it's -30! Crazy! It snowed yesterday so now we have a nice fluffy coat of snow, but I just heard on the radio that it's supposed to RAIN on Friday :( This winter has been absolutely crazy!

  6. Woah, I'm really behind on blogs. BUT HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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