Sunday, 3 January 2016

10 Facts

Hello everybody! How has 2016 been for you so far? This year is now ....3 days old! Ain't that nice? :)

Anyway, Victoria from Blessed Beyond Measure nominated me for the 10 Facts tag. The rules: sweet and simple! Just state 10 facts that no one knows about you. So, here I go! :)

1. I once wore red, blue, and green coloured rubber bands on my braces and while I was working in the church nursery, a little two year old girl asked me why I had so much candy stuck to my teeth :P

2. I have seen a mama bear and her two cubs while our family was on an RV trip way back in 2006 (yeah, looong time ago, I'm ancient now ;)) We were taking a nature walk and then heard about the bears, so Mom and Dad, the good responsible parents that they are, hustled all us children into the RV. Then Dad went outside to take pictures. And we all watched from inside :) The cubs were SO adorable!

3. I pinned 50 insects for a biology project and was miserable throughout the entire time. I mean, who enjoys hearing the crunch as the pin goes through an insect? Especially beetles with hard shells. *shudders* And then there was the time I didn't put enough nail polish remover on a moth so that after I had pinned it, it tried to fly away while still on the pin!!!! I had nightmares for a long time after that. . .

4. I have a nervous-ness problem aka I'm a very shy person. So a lot of times when I'm talking to other people, I'll get nervous and either start stammering or talking too much/too fast aka babbling

5. Some places that I would love to go visit are Singapore and Europe.

6. I'm technically supposed to be in Grade 10, but I'm taking grade 11 math, vocal, and biology and grade/level 7 in RCM, so I sort of feel like Betsy from Understood Betsy 

7.  I use emoticons too much :D

8. I had the hardest time understanding what brb, ikr, lol, idk, and the like meant. And because I took/take so many online classes, I saw it a lot and kept wondering what on earth does it mean!?!?!

9. I just finished reading Triple Creek Ranch - Unbroken by Rebekah Morris and it's A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!!!! Soooo want to read the others now!! :D

10. I have flat feet :P

So, there you have it! 10 random facts that I don't think you all knew about me! :) I hope you enjoyed it! I nominate whoever wants to do the tag!

Have a great day!


  1. Sweet tag! I enjoyed the random facts :) I think I'd like to do this post. Looks like a lot of fun!

    I've read all the Triple Creek Ranch books!! (Downloaded them to my Kindle app for when I went on vacation this summer) I love them SO MUCH! Highly recommend them!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Oh yes, you should do the tag! I'd love to read your answers! :D

      Yes, TCR is absolutely positively WONDERFUL!! Rebekah is a great author! :)

  2. Fun tag. :)
    Glad you enjoyed TCR -1! :) A review on Amazon would be extra nice. (hint, hint :) )

    1. Oh no, I didn't enjoy the book, Rebekah, I LOVED IT!!!!!! :)

      Haha, and yes, I get the hint. . . but unfortunately, Amazon says I'm not allowed to write a review until I purchase something from them, so I'm thinking of buying the rest of TCR first ;)

  3. Loved this post! :) I may do it since being the completely random person I am, it probably won't be hard to put down ten random facts in a blog post! ;) Thanks for including us!

    1. Yes, you should do it, Rebekah! I think I remember some hilarious randomness over at your blog. . . ;)


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