Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Day #151 - #157

Tuesday, July 28: Freshly Baked Bread

Wednesday, July 29: Artistic Endeavours 

Thursday, July 30: Minions 
The story behind how we acquired this minions is actually kinda funny :P We
had gone to McDonald's and found out that they were giving out minions with
the kid's happy meal. So, you should all probably know that we aren't the type
of family that buy happy meals. But Mom was in her .....crazy mood and she decided
to get them. Unfortunately, there was only one type of minion there. BUT, we still
had to go to the pool store, so Mom stopped at every McDonald's we passed by
so that Tiger Lily and I could get different types of minions. Do you know how weird it
is to go in and just ask for a minion? The lady at the first McDonald's was nice and didn't seem
too surprised, but at the second one...oh dear! it was just too funny! The lady kept asking, "You only
want minions?" And then after I said yes, she turned to the lady behind her who was waiting to receive
our order and shrugging her shoulders, said "She only wants minions!!" :P 

Friday, July 31: Go-Karting! 

Saturday, August 1: Mini Ice Cream

Sunday, August 2: Playing Risk

Monday, August 3: Studio Time! 
This picture is actually a screen shot from a video that I took of Snow White.
But, I used the camera, so it counts, right? :)
We were recording a mini music video so that Tiger Lily could learn the basics
to making a music video. 

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