Sunday, 2 August 2015

Camping Day #4

Remember how I had really wanted to catch the sunrise the first morning of camp? Well, as you know, that didn't happen. ;) But on the morning of the very last day of camp, I got up and was determined to see it this time. Tiger Lily and Ironman were half asleep three-quarters asleep when I tried to wake them, so it was just Spiderman and me that went to the beach that morning. 

When we got the edge of the lake, we found out that we were too late to see the sunrise. But... I happened to remember something that I had read in a book called "Follow My Leader". There was this scene where some boys had watched the sunrise not only once, but twice. They had been at the top of a hill at first, but then in order to watch the rise again, they went down into a small valley, with hills surrounding them. The sun had risen again, only this time, it went above the hills. So, that's what I did! :) My small "valley" was surrounded in steep sand dunes and Spiderman and I were able to watch the sun rise. :D 

Down in the "valley" waiting for the sun. 

The sun in all its golden glory! :) 

We went up to the lookout after awhile. The valley is further
down on the right. 

Love the rays here! :) 

After I had taken my pictures, we headed back. And went back to sleep :P

Later on, everyone woke up and we had breakfast. Then it was picture time again! We've been trying to take a family picture in front of the tent every time we go camping. As usual, it was very...hectic getting everyone together.

"Guys, sit, please?" 

"Umm....Dad, you're a bit too tall, don't you think?"

Final Picture :)

And now for the picture on our camping chairs.
Mom's here....but Dad and I aren't. 

Dad's here! And now Mom's gone. I'm also still missing. 

Final Picture #2

We were also trying to do one picture with all of us standing bowling-pin fashion.

I really liked the picture below, mostly because everyone, including Maple, was looking straight at the camera. But (of course, there was going to be a 'but' :P) Mom wasn't in the picture. Or anyway, most of her wasn't in the picture. Look right above Dad's right shoulder. See that little bit of her head?  :)

This other one was the only that had all of us in it, the only problem was that not all of us were looking at the camera.

So. . . I gimped Mom into the first picture! :D

Then we took down the tent. With lots and lots of powder. Proof below ;)


  1. All in all, I'd say your camping trip looks to be a fun success. :)


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