Friday, 19 December 2014

Singapore - Part 6

Here's the second part of our wonderful Sentosa trip. Sunday, we were lazy and just hung out and swam at the hotel pool. And then for lunch, all of us, except Cinderella and I (we think she had the mumps), went to Slappy Cakes for a pancake lunch. Then on Monday, we spent the morning at the beach. 

This was out of our hotel window. The buildings changed colours
and looked so pretty against the black night sky. I couldn't resist :)

The lion head was illuminated too.

This is what is looks like in the day.

At Slappy Cakes. This time, the photo credits belong to Tiger Lily.

According to Tiger Lily, there was a skillet on the table. You were
given pancake batter and then you could fry any shape of pancake
you wanted. 

I think Mom was trying to make a Canada flag :)

Oh right, and then the "men" went to play laser tag

A nice, quiet beach suddenly invaded by 10 children :P

What did I say? Where you find one, you usually find the other!

I like this picture the best. She didn't know I had the
camera on and I called her name. She turned and click!

Cinderella had a rather peculiar way of digging sand :D

I'm not too sure what they're doing in this picture. Looking for stones?
Or shells? Or seaweed?

Ironman and Cousin 2
Heading back to the hotel on a tram after a nice, salty morning at the beach.
Seriously, there was so much salt it made my hair turn as stiff as sticks!

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