Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Singapore - Part 4

WE WENT TO LEGOLAND!!! The buildings are unique, the statues creative, the park itself was awesome! After you look through these pictures, I'm sure you'll agree with me, this place is absolutely amazing!

This was on the front porch of the hotel at Legoland. The dragon was made out of Lego, though the men at the bottom were not. 

Here Ironman is trying to figure out how this Lego chef talks by pinching its nose. 

  A scuba diver. Notice the serpent wrapped around his leg? 

Recognize this man?

Darth Vader

Chicken Trumpeter

These little cubs were so cute!


A strangely happy prisoner ;)

Bird Archer 

Medieval Archer

I'm going to guess that this is Merlin the Wizard.

Dare Devil and Cinderella decided to try this kiddie ride. It was very cute. They would get onto a larger than normal Lego horse and ride around a track. The sun was burning hot and I think Dare Devil was feeling rather....warm :)

Here is the IMAGINATION building in Legoland. 

Did I already mention that it was really hot? The imagination building was wonderfully air-conditioned and my grand-uncle and grandfather took a nice rest in a massage chair. :)

Cinderella and Cousin 3 are attempting to build a tower that can stand strong vibrations without falling over or breaking. As you can see, Cousin 3 is controlling the strength of the vibrations by a dial. And hurray for them! They did it! 

Toblerone is building a...I'm not sure what. :) But his concentration is so funny and cute!

Let's see what Dare Devil and Cousin 1 is doing. Here they are constructing a race car, with Mom helping Dare Devil a bit. The object of this was to build a car that could race down a sloped track and get across the finish line. It sounds easy, but it actually wasn't. You see, your car wouldn't be the only one racing. There would be another 5-6 cars. And going down, your car would have to keep from falling apart and from catching onto someone else's car and getting stuck. 

Mama Giraffe 

Boy Giraffe

Girl Giraffe
 (There was a Dad giraffe too, but I didn't take a picture of him)



An instrumental water fountain. There was a recording somewhere that made it sound like the instruments were playing music.


Dinosaur and Explorers

King Tut


Christmas Tree. (Sorry for the slant)

Santa and his reindeer

Santa, Toblerone, and Mom

Lego Chef

I found this picture in :P But it was really neat and I had to take a picture of it. This entire picture is made of Lego, including the frame!

Quick Side Note: I think I already said it was hot. Well, in the afternoon it was sweltering! And then there was this man in a knight costume. A very WARM costume. I don't know how he managed to stay in there!

Lego Man

A Water Ride. You get really wet on this! I passed since I wanted to take the pictures and I didn't quite like the idea of being soaked. I was wearing a very thin shirt ....
Anyway, the ride went like this. The boat would carry you up a travelator and bring you up to the top of the mountain/building. You would hang at the top for a few seconds and then whoosh down you go. At the very bottom of the slide, you hit the water hard and get a great splash of water over you. 

Now for Miniland. I think this was my favourite part of Legoland. Miniland contained miniatures of countries is Asia. It was amazing! Everything was made out of Lego, except for the grass, the rocks, and the trees. (But the trees were miniature too.)

This boat was really funny. Cousin 1 showed this to me. This was significant because I am right now reading Life of Pi for English. :D

We stayed the whole day at Legoland. And I only took the entrance photo of Legoland at the end of the day. I missed it going in. :P

Goodbye Legoland!


  1. Wow! I must have missed quite a bit there! But I've been rather busy. That does look like fun. I couldn't help think of several people I know who would LOVE to go Legoland! :)

  2. Yeah, this place was way more than I had expected! I took so many pictures my camera battery died :P


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