Monday, 24 November 2014

The-Post-That-Was-Supposed-To-Be-A Saturday Randomness


This was supposed to be a Saturday Randomness post, but I forgot to put it together. Sorry! 

Here are some more random photos that I took over the week. 

I am so privileged to have such
CUTE brothers!
Yeah they are annoying sometimes...

But they're also really funny!

Hi Double Trouble!

I've been trying to take pictures of people's eyes and
started it out with DareDevil. He insisted that I
take a picture with his eyes closed first.  

After I had taken the picture, he opened his eyes
 and allowed me to snap a photo. I think it needs
to be a bit closer don't you think?

If you look closely into the eye, you can see me taking
the picture!

NOTE: When you play the piano, your fingers
should NOT be flat as a pancake as my very willing model
is doing right now. ;)

Interesting objects I found at our
piano teacher's house. 

And pretty ornaments that I found at our chiropractor's. 

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