Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Racing for Time // Book Spotlight

My friend, Olivia, is releasing her new book, Racing for Time!!! *squeals* She put a ton of hard work behind this and her book is absolutely amazing! If you haven't read it yet, oh my goodness, you totally should! Also...before we get onto the spotlight...

It's her birthday today! (Sorry Liv, I told you I'd say it on here ;)) 


Ok, now we can get onto the rest of the post ;) 

About the Book
After a frightening car crash that lands Janefer and her best friend Melanie in the hospital, Janefer is set on bringing the culprit to justice. When Melanie is found to be missing, Janefer is even more determined to discover the person behind it all.

Through a maze of lies and deceit, spiritual questions arise, leaving her confused and troubled. As Janefer races to gather clues leading to Melanie, she gradually learns to trust God with her life, no matter what the outcome.

Can Janefer find out the truth before Melanie is hurt--or worse?

Time is ticking.

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About the Author

Olivia Nickerson is a young and aspiring author who lives with her a family in Ontario, Canada. As a child, she enjoyed writing little stories to print out on the computer and giving out to her family. Shen she is not writing, she enjoys playing sports at her youth group, hanging out with her family and friends, and reading. She can be reached through several social media sites:

Author’s Note: 
In 2015, I posted the first chapter of Racing for Time on my blog. I know that my previous “stories” were cheesy and not very well written. I wanted to write a good story, with non-cheesy people in it. I got great feedback from my posts of Racing for Time, and eventually the idea came that I should publish. It was a long process with writing, editing, and finally--publishing. I hope you will enjoy this book and to quote Ms. Earhart: “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

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