Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Emails and a certain Mr. BX

When someone makes fun of what you put in the caption box above the contact form. *sighs* #thoselittlesisters :P

Okay. So. How shall I say this? Let's start from the beginning.

One day, Dad told me that a man was coming over to our house in a couple of weeks. And he was going to live with us for as long as we stayed at our current house (wait - what?!?)

After I found that out, I may or may not have freaked. Just maybe. 

I then may or may not have asked Dad a TON of questions and found out that:

This man liked to go by the name BX
He came from the States
He was in the wood-working department
He was going to help Dad and the boys with the tree cutting and wood hauling
He wasn't a Christian (that's already kind of a big no for me)
Dad met him on THE INTERNET (I asked if he was my dad at that point, 'cause, well, that's just a thing that Dad NEVER does)
Dad had never actually seen this person or talked to him
This Mr. BX guy was going to live in a tent in our backyard (Tiger Lily and I were like "Uhh...what part of the States is he coming from? Does he know that Canada has -40 degree winters? And it's like impossible to live in a tent in the middle of winter. Or any part of winter, really.)

Kind of scary and weird and really far-fetched.

If any of you know me well, you would know that I'm really, really, really curious. And I will try my utter best to reach the bottom of any important mystery ;)

After we got home, I asked Dad if I could see a picture of this guy, but Dad refused. That got me super curious.

Sooooo..... yeah, I wasn't going to just sit there and wait to see who this mysterioso man was. I mean, if there's a man that could very soon be living in your backyard in a tent, but still having meals with you, and pretty much going to be in your life for who knows how long, you're going to want to find out more about him first, right?

Anyway, I got my computer and started going through all the things that Dad had told me about Mr. BX.

It was his name that I searched first. How many people do you know that go by the name BX? It was a strange name, and I was fairly certain that it would lead me to what I was looking for.

I typed what does bx stand for into Google. It lead me to Bronx, NY.

Then I typed in bx carpentry united states since Dad had said he was in the wood-working department. No such thing existed.

But then you know how while you're typing into Google, there's this box under the search bar and it kind of tries to guess what you're searching for? I decided to type bx in different sentences and questions into the search bar until I found something that looked like it might be relevant.

And bingo! Found it! BX outdoor machinery, right there at the very bottom of the box.

While I was mulling over that, it hit me that Dad had recently been looking at ATV's and wood chippers. After that, it was fairly easy.

A Kubota BX Wood chipper.

*sigh* Dad ...
But I am so very relieved that it's not a man. Because that would be a little weird ;)

I told Dad that I had figured it out. At first, he pretended that he had no idea what I was talking about. In the end, he admitted that he was kind of impressed that I had uncovered his mystery. Then he showed me what he was actually getting. Turns out, it wasn't a wood chipper. BUT it was still a Kubota BX something. I think it's some kind of tractor. And it will help Dad and the boys with the wood :P

Apparently, he had also told the boys and Snow White about it, and they were all like YAY!!! There's a man coming to live with us! *shakes head in exasperation*
They still think that a certain man named Mr. Kubota is coming to live with us in a couple of weeks.

But there. Mystery solved.
I think I might be a detective someday XD

What funny things do your siblings do to you? 

What would you do if you were told that a 
strange man was coming to live with you? (and sure, 
why not, let's add in the the tent in the backyard too ;)

Would you sit and wait for the man to come
or would you try to find out who he was? 


  1. Great detective work, Blessing! It all sounded a bit crazy. If I had been told that, I'd have probably given my dad a look that said, "I don't believe you." And then gone and asked Mom. I'd probably also have pointed out that since we live in the city, having someone living in a tent in our backyard wouldn't last long before someone reported it. :)

    1. Yes, I DID give my Dad that look. And he just looked at me innocently and said, "What?" :P

      Oh goodness, haha, yes, that would be interesting if someone reported it! :D

  2. Oh, goodness! If my dad told me this, I'd probably do what Rebekah said and go ask my mom. ;) Although in our family, stranger things have happened. ;P
    Great job figuring it out! I don't think I ever would have thought to google search a name like that!
    Oh, and the thought of a machine being christian or not made me laugh! My sibling have decided that since we are a christian family, all of our appliances, machines and vehicles are christian. ;)

    1. Hehe, verrryyy strange things ;)

      Yes, ohhhh....I was SO embarrassed after I figured out that BX was actually a machine XD All those questions I asked, like how old he was, what he looked like, whether he was a Christian - and then totally freaking out when he wasn't one :P
      That's a good decision :D

  3. XD This had me chuckling to myself all the way through. ;) We've had people come over to our house to stay, but no mysterious-men-that-actually-aren't-mysterious-or-even-men. Thank goodness. :P It'd probably drive me nuts trying to figure out who/what was coming visiting. However, my mom isn't very good at being secretive or sly, so I'd just drop hints every once-in-awhile just to see if it led her to giving me an idea what on earth was going on. ;)
    Give us a picture of the mystery man when he arrives! ;P

    1. Yesss - mysterious men that aren't men; point on, Rebekah! ;D

      Oh really? For me and my mom, it's the exact opposite. She's really good at keeping secrets while I'm more of an open book. I literally have THE hardest time trying to keep secrets :P (it also means I'm horrible at lying - which is a good thing, I guess - because Mom can always tell whether I'm telling the truth or not :D

    2. And yes, I will post some pictures as soon as IT comes ๐Ÿ˜‰
      According to Mom it's supposed to get here tomorrow. I'll have to get my camera ready!

  4. I had SO much fun reading this. That's so funny. I would've known that my dad was teasing and he would have known that I was teasing. If I wasn't sure, I'd have asked my mom. :)

    1. Aw, thanks, Bethany! Actually, I was afraid that I might have dragged it on too much and bored you all out completely. Have a bad habit of doing that sometimes ;)

      Yes, moms are always the best source to go to, aren't they? :D They pretty much know everything ;)

  5. Haha awesome post =D
    My sister will randomly send me messages on Google hangouts when we are sitting right beside each other on the couch :P Those conversations always turn out interesting.
    My sister would've done the same thing you did by googling and researching. I would've tried to coax the answer out of dad, then try to bribe mom to tell me :P

    1. YES, we do that too!!! And then we sit there for like half an hour talking about the weirdest things๐Ÿ˜›

      Hehe has that ever worked before for you?

  6. Siblings – what are ya gonna do with them? ;) (Pardon my pathetic grammar please.)

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is so hilarious!!! :D We have some sort of Kubota BX something-another. It's like a small tractor that can be converted to a lawn mower. O.o Congrats on solving the mystery! Oh, you should totally be a detective. Very cool. B-)

    1. Haha, yessss..... (and no worries, I do that all the time too ;))

      Oh cool! You have a Kubota BX too! :D Yeah, I have no idea what it is exactly - all I know is that it's very big, very orange, and it has a shovel that my younger siblings sit it :P

  7. Haha! That story was hilarious, Blessing! And so much fun to read. Good job with the detective work. ;)

    What would I do if my dad said someone was coming to live with us and was going to be sleeping in a tent in the backyard? Haha! I guess I'd laugh and say he was kidding, and keep asking questions until he told me what the joke was. :P

    1. Thanks, Miss March! :D

      Yes, the mystery-man-sleeping-in-a-tent is pretty hard to believe, isn't it? ;) Strangely enough, my younger siblings took it as a normal thing :P I'll have to tell you all later what happened when BX came ;)


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